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Stewart Ogilby,
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February 11, 2009


The Reconstruction of America

Well, my friends, they have done it. They knew that they could. It just took a little time. They have proved that they are so very smart and so very strong and so very competitive and so very heroic and masculine. We give up. They won. Now what?

The few super-rich have triumphed in pursuing their primary obsession: power over others. Witness We The People now groveling for handouts ("stimulus" money packages) at the steps of their controlling institution, the Central Bank, The Federal Reserve.

The "capitalists" of our generation never had any intention of building a sound economy here or in any nation-state they, as fascists, dominate. It is inconceivable they did not clearly anticipate the inevitable disaster of combining de-industrialization with a financial system built on credit and fractional reserve banking.

The coming Revolution will not take the form of traditional class warfare with blocs of workers fighting for rights and ownership of industry. Industry is gone and workers have become nearly inseparable from a besieged middle class. Today there exists We The People, the many, and they, the very few.

The reconstruction of America's society will require a two-step process:

  1. Revolution: not widespread class conflict, but the elimination of the few and the re-employment of their bright lackeys.

  2. Reform: the elimination of Central Banking, the establishment of a sound national currency under the control of representatives of We The People by the federal branch of our government as directed by the U.S. Constitution. Lobbyists are to be stopped immediately and prosecuted for capital crime, as treasonous bribers, should they continue their corruption of our attempt to institute an honest and workable representative democratic government.

Step #2 (Reform) should involve:

  • The socialization of public utilities, including gas, electric, and wireless telephone service.

  • Single-payer health-care must be established as quickly as possible.

  • Critically important is the necessity of fragmenting the ownership and management of existing network media from that of corporations having other commercial financial interests. The directors and management of these new media entities must be legally prohibited from employment with other corporations. Advertising time on national "networks" is to be sharply restricted in exchange for band-width monopolies granted through the licensing of protected frequencies, the latter being a matter falling constitutionally within federal interstate commerce.

  • Above all, the neutrality of the Internet must be fully defended, even against other media.

  • The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution must be fully honored by a reform judiciary.

  • The income tax must be repealed. No withholding and confiscation of incomes from earnings of employees, entrepreneurs, and independent workers.

  • The federal government is to be removed, fully, from financing, directing, policing, or interfering with the education of the children of We The People in our own cities, towns, and communities in our own States. We will schedule community meetings, boards, and systems for the purpose of creating whatever educational systems and methods we deem to be appropriate for our own children in our own communities without interference from any government (state or federal).

In the transition, America must retain its military power as a deterrent to Russia and China, both of which are salivating at the opportunity presently offered them. International adventurism, investment (it was never about humanitarianism), and militarism are to be halted.

Step #1 may happen regardless of what anyone does to try to stop it. Malefactors, whether or not they have been appointed to government jobs, must be stripped of their positions of power.

It is up to us, We the People, to democratically implement Step #2.

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