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Domestic & International calls

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Select the "From" and "To" locations, click on "Rates" and order the plan you want.

As a example, let's say you are interested in calling only within the continental United States, and you select our most popular pre-paid calling card (there is no physical card sent to you). We use this excellent plan ourselves.

This card gives you 1026 minutes (that's 17 hours and 6 minutes) for $20. — approximately 1.9 cents a minute! You will be asked for your email address and phone number(s). Shortly after your order is received, you will be telephoned for a verbal confirmation, for your protection.

Within seconds of phone confirmation you will be emailed a toll-free 800 number that you call whenever you place a long-distance call, followed by your personal PIN number. Each time use this service, you will be informed of the total number of minutes still available to you. Then dial 1, followed by the AreaCode and phone-number, just as you do any long-distance call.

Enjoy the savings!