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This is a response from Lynne Meredith on the interview
that was shown on 20/20 on Friday night, Jan 17, 2003.

Hello Freedom Lover!

I hope you saw the 20/20 segment last night on Lynne Meredith called, "Are Income Taxes a matter of choice?" If you missed it a summary is at the Then click on 20/20. There was also a different segment on Tom Brokaw, on Thursday night.

If you have an opinion on the way they presented the topic please click on the following website and send your message to ABC!

So far this segment is #2 in the number of e-mails received. Please pass this e-mail on so that 20/20 knows we want some SERIOUS coverage about this topic and we are tired of the continued suppression of the truth! I believe that the American people have had enough of the "ruthless, lawless, and out of control" IRS and are ready for a change!

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent:

Dear ABC:

I was the subject of last night's (January 17, 2003) 20/20 segment, "Are income taxes a matter of choice?"

Thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts with your viewing audience. I think that overall it was a piece was good and it showed both sides of issue. Although, the person defending the IRS has never read my books and has no idea what my legal arguments are.

Your subliminal message, "Pay taxes or go to jail", however, was misleading. There are people who have won 'failure to file' cases against the IRS and would be glad to forward copies of them to you.

Also, your comments on Phil Marsh excluded the relevant fact that the convictions of him and his colleagues was overturned by the 9th Circuit on Appeal. Unfortunately, because of the length of the appeals process, he died before the decision was rendered.

Also, convictions for charges almost identical to those alleged in our case were overturned in the 9th Circuit case of: United States v. Dahlstrom, 713 F.2d 1423 (9th Cir. 08/24/1983). The attorney in this case was Joe Alfred Izen, who is also our attorney. When I made the statement, "You are not legally required to file a tax return..." your editors failed to show that I was reading directly from a letter from the IRS on their own letterhead.

Also I was cut off before I could read the notarized letters I had from the Chief of Accounting of the IRS that admitted:

"According to our National Office a Pure Trust Organization (an unincorporated business trust) has no filing requirements and is a nontaxable organization..."

How can I be guilty of failing to file a return for an entity that has no legal filing requirements?

The IRS Chief of Accounting did not respond by stating that the trusts were bogus, abusive or not recognized. They merely said that they were NONTAXABLE ORGANIZATIONS.

(I gave copies of the letters to Susan Welsh, 20/20's Assistant Producer.)

I continue to assert that I have broken no law and the IRS is abusing their power in an attempt to silence me. The intelligence of the people was insulted when the government forced me to stop selling my books a condition of release. The people should be allowed to make up their own minds!

The government is unhappy with the truths I have uncovered and believes me to be a financial threat to the "status quo". However, my first duty is to the primary branch of government, the people. We are, after all, a government of the people, by the people and for the people! A country cannot prosper if it leaves its Citizen struggling financially! A tax system that operates by instilling fear in the American people has no place in American law! A part of the interview that was not aired were some intelligent alternatives I presented for financing this country, that would put dramatically more money in the Treasury of the United States of America, to be used for the government's lawful functions WITHOUT the need for taxing the labor of the private Citizen.

An article published in the LA Times in May of 1985, quoted, President, Ronald Reagan, as saying to a crowd erupting into cheers and applause; "Our federal tax system is, in short, utterly impossible, unjust and completely counter productive. It has earned a rebellion and its time we rebelled." The tax laws are so complex, even Albert Einstein was quoted as saying. "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax."

The reason that the mainstream, attorneys and CPAs have listened to me is because my books are supported by case law, supreme court decisions, statutes and regulations. It is because I am telling the TRUTH and it is verifiable! For over 80 years the IRS has relied upon the people not asking for proof of the existence of an actual statute that creates a liability for a tax on the private labor of a Citizen of any of the 50 states. There is none. They collect the tax by instilling fear in the American people.

I have never had a complaint filed against me by any of my readers or trust clients in the eleven years I have been operating 'We the People'. The people realize that the IRS violates the law!

I have also never received a Notice of Tax Due, an Assessment (as I can verify, pursuant to a FOIA response) I have also never received any notice that the IRS had a problem with the trusts. I have over 200 years of case law supporting their legality.

There are CERTAINLY a lot easier ways to make a living than taking on the most powerful agency in America.

It was hardly the exotic lifestyle that your segment painted. Every day we were exposed to the horrors of the IRS, cleaning out a Citizen's bank account, seizing a Citizen's wages so he or she couldn't pay their rent or support their families, taking away a Citizen's car so they couldn't go to work, etc. etc. ALL WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW! We also heard stories of suicides where the remedy came too late. We gave the people hope and we gave them remedy in the law. Fortunately, we were able to stop many of these IRS abuses and achieved success by holding the agency accountable to the law.

In our own $100 million suit against the agency, filed by five women, without an attorney, for damages incurred in a 1998 Search and Seizure raid by 40 agents with guns, axes and battering rams, against my home and businesses, the agent in charge has been denied immunity by the District Court of California on the grounds that he violated clearly established law.

As I expected, the segment was closed by asking me what would I do if I lost on all levels of appeal. Of course, the ONLY answer to that particular question is "Go to jail". There are many political prisoners, who have broken no law other than offending the government. I do not intend to become one of them!

In 1846, Henry David Thoreau, famous for his essay on "Civil Disobedience" was put in prison for refusing to pay taxes, based upon his principles. When his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson came to prison to visit him he asked: "What are you doing in there?" Thoreau replied indignantly: "What are you doing out there?"

I am absolutely convinced, however, that the law will prevail, that I will NOT go to jail. We WILL prevail and we WILL be acquitted of all charges!

I will keep you updated and thanks for the opportunity to be on your program!

Love and Liberty,

Lynne Meredith

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