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Medical Organizations

Organizations, Associations & Societies

Medical Literature document delivery houses
  • Ebsco Doc
  • UMI Infostore
  • Information Express

    Gerd Informational Resource Center: causes, symptoms, ultimedia, treatment, articles

    Heartburn & Hiatus Hernia: patient info., recent news, development, research, links

    The Helicobacter Pylori Foundation: info, research, forum, links

    Locate An Eye Doctor: resources, procedures, Q&A, ask the doctor

    Laski Laser Vision Correction: info, surgeons, procedures, ask surgeons, Q&A

    VAB Doc Shop: vision corrections, medicine, nutrition, cosmetic surgery, hairloss, snoring, dentistry, infertility, forums, pharmacy, resort, spa, bookstore textbooks for medical community & public

    A-Z Medical Directory: news, medicine, live events, Q&A, support groups specific to each medical condition, newsletters, surveys, bookstores

    American Dental Association: dental societies, shopping mall, research & clinical issues, patients & consumers, dental practice, education

    ALS Association: services, research, advocacy, information, events, support, resources, help

    Biolinks: associations & societies by scientists for scientists - medical, genetics, biological, reproductive, devices, physics, resources

    Howard Hughs Medical Institute: biomedical research, virtual lab, cool science for kids, ask a scientist, genetics, immunology, neurosience, education & grants, news & publications, videos, lectures, resources

    National Institute of Mental Health: news & events, clinical trials, funding organizations, publications, researach, anxiety disorders, bi-polar, depression, ADHD, autism learning disabilities, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic, schizopherenia, medications, children & violence, psychotherapy

    Spie Web - The International Society for Optical Engineering: publications, journals, education, events, employment, technical, e-mail, standards, bookstore

    Online Pharmacology Reference Manual: complete drug information

    American Geriatrics Society: pain management, immunization, health care professionals, managed care, resources, assistive devices, rehabilitation, medicare & medicaid, memory, thought processes, neurologic disorders, psychological, skin conditions, joints, muscles, bones, head, neck, sensory, heart & circulation, blood disorders, lung & breathing, digestive, nutrition, bladder, kidney, sexuality, weakness, mobility, sleep

    National Aging Information Center: inquiry, databases, publications, internet information, aging network caregiving, directory, resources, elder abuse, comprehensive resources for issues on aging

    Health Information Centers and Clearinghouse

    National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information: research, news, workplace, resources, referrals, links, forums, kids, federal agencies, prevention & treatment programs

    Recovery Network: publications, research, treatment, support, links, recovery parners, chat, news, store, cable tv, 800 numbers

    Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research: university, health center, clinic, radiology, community outreach, choosing a chiropractor, care of the spine & nervous system, techniques & treatments, library, education, research programs, wellness

    National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders: health information, research, news & events, hearing & balance, hearing aids, menier's disease, otitis media, otosclerosis, presbycusis, tinnitus, usher syndrod, waardenburg syndrome, smell & taste disorders, aphasia, landau-kleffner syndrome, throat, spasmodic dysphonia, stuttering, brain injury, vocal cord paralysis, stroke, employment, diversity initiatives

    National Human Genome Research Institute: news, grants, research, center for inherited disease research, gene threapy, comprehensive resources

    American Heart Association: A-Z resources, links, information & publications on heart disease and conditions that affect the heart

    American Lung Association: publications, press center, research, A_Z resources of lung diseases and conditions that involve lung disease

    E. Coli Index: research, societies, companies, international universities, publishers

    The Immunology Link: associations, on-line journals, literature, biotechnology, jobs, databases, books, grad-programs, find a scientist

    Immunology Links:

    Visible Human Project: A complete anotomically detailed 3-dimensional representations of the male & female body

    Asthma Information Center: physicians, links, alternative support, patients, expert forum, newsgroup

    Allergy & Asthma Medical Group & Research Center: physicians, studies, treatments & medications

    Allergies Resource Center: news, bookstore, message boards, websites, medical sites, treatments, doctor directory, drug information, alternative treatment

    American Medical Association: doctor finder, on-line library, books, software, products and services, A-Z specific conditions, comprehensive medical information

    Infectious Disease Web Link

    Plastic Surgery Information Service: professionals, resources, find a surgeon, research, video, news, Q&A, patient advocacy, links, procedures

    American Academy of Dermatology: news. patient education, advocacy groups, medical resources, links, find a doctor

    American Academy of Otolarngology - head & neck surgery: facial reconstruction, surgery of tumors, hearing loss, loss of balance, allergy, sinus, laryneal, thyroid & esphageal disorders, doctor locator

    American Diabetes Association: information, nutrition, clinical, advocacy, journals, research, physicians, insurance, advice, resources

    American Psychiatric Association: international physicians specializing in diagnosis & treatment of mental & emotional illnesses & substance use disorders, clinical, researach, info, library, publications

    HDCN: hypertension, dialysis & clinical nephrology, medical products, devices, services & drugs

    American Academy of Neurology: migraines, resources, research, books & publications, support, ALS, autism, bell's palsy, down syndrome, epilepsy, gullain-garre syndrome, parkinson's, sleep disorders, myasthenia gravis, stroke

    National Institute of Health, Osteoporosis & Related Bone Diseases: national resource center, paget's disease, osteogenesis imperfecta & other disorders

    National Institute of Health: news, A-Z health information, resources, publications, clinical trials, health hot lines, research, scientific resources, institutes & offices

    Department of Health & Human Services: news, research, gateways resource center of medical & scientific information

    Transplant Network: Q&A, special events, myths, resources

    North American Transplant Coordinators Org.: support, develop and advance knowledge, enhance quality, effectiveness and integrity of donations & transplantation

    American Society of Transplantation: education, research, medicine, immunology, forum, dialing with government medical private agencies and organizations, newsletters & publications

    National Center for the Study of Wilson's Disease: research hereditary diseases of copper metabolism, wilson's & menkes disease diagnostic & treatment center

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: public, patient & medical information, find a surgeon, medical & patient education, directories, discussion groups, research, activities

    American Academy of Pediatrics: advocacy, bookstore, internet broadcast, research, publications

    Pediatrics On-line: newborn, adolescent, young adults, medicine, childhood diseases, genetics, psychiatry

    The American Association of Neurological Surgeons: neurosurgery on call, patient resources, physician resources, cerebrobascular, disease, news, find a neurosurgeon, Q&A, chat, references

    American College of Cardiology: information, grafting, Q&A, resource center, healthcare professionals, advocacy, clinical, scientific research

    Society of Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology: hot topics, meetings & conferences, training programs, medical breakthroughs, angiography, fibroid tumors, liver disease, pediatrics, vascular disease, procedures ask the pain doctor, support, clinics, library, news, resources, organizations, experts

    University of Alabama School of Medicine: gene therapy, libraries, patient care, research, student services, information

    American Cancer Society: types of cancer, living with cancer, children, prevention, treatment, options, alternative methods, research & prevention, resources, bookstore, news, medical centers

    Hospital Web: hospitals, medical schools, comprehensive medical lists, medical companies & organizations, drug information, residency programs

    Addison's Disease: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, special problems, patient education, suggested reading, resources

    Cushings Syndrome: introduction, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, research, information, resources

    Alliance of Genetic Support Groups: non-profit, info, support & genetic services for people with genetic disorders publications, referrals

    American Foundation of Thyroid Patients: support, healthcare providers, interest groups, low-cost screenings, educational information, seminars, physician referrals, news, self help information

    Cushings Support and Research Foundation Inc.: information, support, expert medical advice, referral listing of hospitals, endocrinologist & surgeons

    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: support, medical research, professional education, nationwide network of care centers, brochures

    Hemochromatosis Foundation, Inc.: diagnosis, screening, treatment, genetic counciling, support, referral, physicians & research centers, publications

    Human Growth Foundation: therapy, testing, publications, links, support, cushing's, hypothyroidism, IUGR, russel silver syndrome, achonaroplasia

    Shriners Hospitals for Children: directory, message board, chat, recreational programs, pet therapy, burn care, spinal injury, research, brittle bone disease, cerebral palsy, back problems, limb deficiencies, spinal bifida, paralysis, legg-perthes disease, rickets

    Alameda Hospital: physician referral, health insurance, services, acute care, cardiology, community, wellness, diagnostic imaging, support

    Unicef United Childrens Fund: community based services in primary care, basic education

    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: stroke prevention, warning signs, research highlights, doctors, scientists, publications

    National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute: heart & vascular disease, lung disease, blood diseases, sleep disorders, scientific resources

    The Endocrine Society: birth defects, breast cancer, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, cushing's syndrome, eating disorders, infertility, menopause, osteoporosis, respiratory distress syndrome, stress-related disease, thyroid, turner's syndrome, diabetes

    National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Disease: diabetes, digestive diseases, endocrine & metabolic disease, hematologic disease, kidney diseases, obesity, urologic diseases, health information database

    Crohn's Disease & Colitis: library, research, ask the specialist, medical tests, medications, surgery, clinical research, find a doctor, bookstore & resources

    The American Gastroenterological Association: digestive health resource center, magazine, message boards, news, doctor locator, publications, organizations and information, ulcers, pylori, colorectal cancer, viral hepatitis

    American Liver Foundation: information, news, advocacy, research, links, support, transplant, chat, referrals, alternative treatments, treatment

    National Adrenal Diseases Foundation: self help network, support, publications, resources

    National Graves Disease Foundation: medical information, referral & resources, support groups, education, lectures, forums, research, publications

    National MPS Society, Inc.: lookup support group, professional & public awareness, diagnosis & treatments, referrals to doctors & hospitals, research

    National Organization for Rare Disorders: information about orphan diseases, network for people involved with similar disorders, promotes research for cause, control & cure of rare diseases including inherited metabolic diseases, orphan drugs & devices

    National Osteoporosis Foundation: information & education to public & medical professionals, biomedical, epidermiological, clinical, behavioral & social research

    Organic Acidemia Association, Inc.: support, dietitians, researchers & geneticists, clinics, families of children with the disorder

    Oxalosis & Hyperoxaluria Foundation: patients, parents, fmilies, physicians & medical professionals about hyperoxaluria and related conditions, oxalosis & calcium-oxalate kidney stones, support network, research

    Virtual Hospital: healthbook for patients, esophagea carcinoma, nervous system, treatement, multimedia textooks, human anatomy in cross section, cardiovascular, bone marrow transplant, organ transplant, clinical genetics, orthopaedic

    Pituitary Tumor Network Association: early diagnosis, research, cures, services for patients, telephone network, all ages, publications

    Thyroid Foundation of America, Inc.: education, programs, patient information & support, referrals, pubications

    United Leukodystrophy Foundation: support group and services, news, publications, alexander's disease...

    Weight-Control Information Network: newsletter, prevention & treatment, publications, university-based weight control programs, books, information database, resources & links

    American Foundation of Urologic Disease: research, patient & public education, patient support, activities, publications, councils, bladder, kidney, pediatric, prostate, sexual function

    American Lithotripsy Society: all aspects of lithotripsy as a medical treatment for stone disease

    American Prostate Society: diagnosis & treatment, publications, newsletter

    American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, Inc.: organ technologies that enhance quality & duration of life, journal, newsletter, education

    American Society of Transplant Surgeons: education, research, physicians, scientists, agencies, health professionals

    The Transplant Foundation: information, grants to posttransplant recipients to offset the cost of immunosuppressive medications

    The Network of Organ Sharing: transplantation network & national organ transplantation, scientific, health resources, advance organ procurement and transplantation, administer equitable organ allocation for the nation, scientific registry, a comprehensive organ transplantation data system liver, heart, heart-lung, pancreas, kidney & small bowel, donor & recipients in the U.S.

    Leukemia Society of America: patient services, education, research, news, forums, resources, links

    Lupus Foundation of America: researach, network of more than 500 branches & support groups, information, referral services, health fairs, newsletters, publications, seminars, telephone help lines

    American Anorexia Bulimia Association: chapters, resources, information, professionals, advocacy, symptoms & treatment

    Alcoholics Anonymous: care, treatment, support services, books & information
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