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The 911 Media Hoax - Part 6

Media Mayhem Creates National Disaster

Stewart Ogilby

Clever criminals have gained control of America's media. Political propaganda and deliberately misleading messages are constantly being fed to the public. Television has become the primary instrument for promoting aggressive wars that result in the murders and sufferings of millions of men, women, and childen throughout the world. This horror is now glibly referred to on TV as "collateral damage".

Attractive well-dressed actors and announcers are paid to read from monitors and to say what TV bosses demand. These "media whores" are accessories to murder by promoting warmongers, criminals who pay others to murder that they may monopolize the world's wealth. Their bosses are not creators. They are humanity's parasites.

For several years I have, among others, been doing my best to figure out what did and didn't happen on 911. I was fooled for several years. Only recently have I been able to discard the lies and visual deceit presented that day on television and echoed in newspapers. These media are controlled today by associates of criminal war profiteers and their bankers. Together, they are mass murderers and must be held accountable as such.

Money is no problem for people who actually control the currencies of most nations, our own included. In addition to controlling TV and newspapers, 911 perpetrators upload a huge number of online videos, most of which purport to be "exposures" or a part of a "truth movement". They swamp the internet with similar articles. They help fund a number of "truth groups" that have attracted hundreds of well-meaning people. Memorial web sites, tributes, bogus obituaries, and human interest tid-bits of "murdered victims" are all over the place.

The entire terrorist narrative is designed to invoke the emotion of fear. Denial provides humans with emotional solace. It is understandable that most people, overwhelmed by media deceit and conditioned to trust authority, are unwilling to confront peer criticism. This strategy is employed by those who design the psy-op component to any criminally antisocial activity.

The 911 narrative is a paradigm for the extent to which modern media is able to control public perception and mold public opinion. Below are five short articles by me, all of which have appeared online at They should be read in the order presented to gain insight, however initially questionable, about what did happen and, more importantly, what didn't happen on September 11, 2001.

  1. Urban Renewal With A Twist?

  2. Television's Illusions Enthrall America's Cavemen

  3. The 911 Narrative Remains Broad And Retititious

  4. The Hoax - A Fable For Our Times

  5. Examining the 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

I wish to express my gratitude to those who have devoted considerable time and effort in attempting to make sense of the confusion and contradictions surrounding even intelligent controversies and discussions of what the 911 events were all about. Honest researchers, albeit often mislead, have been useful in raising pertinent questions and offering speculations and tentative conclusions. Of course, it is impossible to unquestioningly separate honest researchers from frauds and disinformation shills. Even the latter provide grist for the analytical mill.

For months I viewed two online forums, and, with skepticism. I would be remiss in not acknowledging my deep appreciation to Mr. Simon Shack of the former forum for his brilliantly presented evidence of massive televised fraud on 911. Techniques of digital animation and photograph manipulation that existed in 2001 had been perfected well enough to pull the wool over the eyes of us all..

The fact that even more clever fraudulent videos, supposedly of the events of that day, have been released over years since 911 evidences the lengths being taken by its perpetrators to perpetuate that day's narrative. Consequently, it is not surprising that portions of their huge lie continue to be accepted by most persons. I urge everyone to carefully study Mr. Shack's web site and to go through that site's The Vicsim Report. Then ask yourself the hard question: Exactly what was 911 all about?

A reader of one of my columns asked why, if the NYC plane, witnesses, implosions, and rubble video was faked, the Pentagon event was not accompanied by a faked plane video as well. These sorts of questions prove or indicate nothing. My reply was as follows:

Why didn’t they do a more accountable job of putting together airliner “passenger lists”? Why didn’t they doctor the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to show those phony flights as having existed that day? Why did they arrange for the New York Times and other papers to publish names of Arab hijackers that they clearly realized would be located alive and well, and why do they continue to use those names? Why did they release obviously fraudulent Bin Laden videos? Why did they pull off the anthrax hoax right after 911? Why did they morph and photoshop victim photos? Why didn’t they just implode the NYC buildings, asbestos and all, without all that hoopla? There are many more “whys” that could be listed. The answer: "Ask them".

Initailly "good for Israel" as Netanyaho expressed, 911 may prove to have been a serious error. The New Yorkers may have acquired the participation of the Mossad in their hoax, the fundamental goal of which was to further their own financial ambitions. Without question, they secured the participation of America's TV moguls. If ultimately exposed, the NY schemers may be delighted to acknowledge that they did not mass murder 3000 on that day. Their activities are quite unfortunate for America's honorable Jews insofar as the potential for anti-Semitism goes. A handful of criminals acted in primarily their own self interest.

You can bet that everyone involved will go to whatever lengths necessary to avoid the disclosure of that hoax. The antecedents to Afghanistan and Iraq wars were scripted and presented to the American public as cleverly as the events of 911 and their subsequent "anthrax attack". That the latter has been exposed as utter fraud does not seem to have seriously impacted either 911 myths or justifications for our nation waging illegal aggressive warfare.

When it was suggested to Thomas Jefferson that something be done to stop the journalistic attacks of Callender, Jefferson cautioned that press freedom must be inviolable. It is unrealistic to expect any eighteenth century man to have anticipated the disaster befalling our nation as a result of corporate government's monopoly of the airwaves, a natural resource nearly as necessarily free for the benefit of an evolving humanity as the air itself.

We Americans are paying a terrible price for not heeding warnings of Jefferson and others with regard to being eternally vigilant in securing a government that represents us, We The People of the United States of America, and in protecting a Constitution created to form a unique form of human organization in which Liberty, which means freedom from tyranny, would be preserved.

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