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The 911 Media Hoax - Part 9

Media Insiders Created 911 Terror in USA

Stewart Ogilby

For several years I have, among others, been doing my best to figure out what did and didn't happen on 911. I found myself fooled in fundamental areas over years of puzzlement. Only recently have I been able to discard the lies and visual deceit presented on television of that day's events. Deliberate deceptions, along with well-meaning analyses of televised fakery, can be found in books, magazines, and on thousands of internet web sites.

If there is anything that the 911 hoax tells us, it is to be cautious when viewing dramas and illusions on television that pass for "news" in America, including those created by computer software, including datafakes, computer-simulated individuals complete with backgrounds created by personna software programs. The art of digital animation to present a faked reality becomes more sophisticated year by year. By 2001 it, along with facial morphing software, had progressed far enough to fool us all, for a time at least.

Fake 911 victims

The official 911 narrative and its perpetrators' control of dissent, the "truth movements", is a paradigm for the extent to which modern media is able to control public perception and mold public opinion. So-called "911 truth" sites and organizations are now overwhelmingly controlled and provide platforms for disinformation. Their discussions are framed around diversions to continue confusing well-meaning persons who seem unable to handle massive deceit, including manufactured data from "official" sources upon which they have been conditioned to rely.

Given the huge sums of money and corporate support behind the 911 hoax, it may be understandable that the exposures of Mr. Shack and his helpers appear, at first glance, to be preposterous. To begin grasping the simple but terrifying methods whereby top moguls in Hollywood, banking, US media, and huge corporations were able to fool the world and promote war, as they have done repeatedly in the past, it is mandatory for one to spend enough time at and at to overcome initial emotional reaction.

"News" is scripted as to events, characters, and conflicts, for purposes of public manipulation and social engineering. It is important to understand that the motive of those who control international banking, Hollywood movies, newspapers, and television networks is to keep the masses of humanity confused and fearful in order to wage war, promoting their own financial and geo-political agenda. Another motive for breaking news is to divert attention from important real events, particulary those involving political dissent.

Whenever there is an absence of credible independent journalists and data is limited to "official" sources let us be particularly skeptical and not rush to conclusions or to judgment when presented with dramatic "events" by corporate media. This does not imply America's news from its six huge corporate sources to be consistently untrue. Where is it written that liars must be consistent?

Millions of persons will persist in believing the bazarre TV stories of Arab hijackers, commercial airliners crashing, buildings blowing up from the top down, and a multitude of "truther" explanations surrounding unproved mystifying illusions created by Hollywood-style special effects fakery and well-paid actors, an illusory mask for the demolition of a group of antiquated buildings in downtown New York City. Tying the media hoax in with an international political agenda of warfare, combined with the domestic enactment of abuses, starting with the Patriot Act, was ingenious.

I do not expect a great awakening of the masses. Even those led grudgingly to suspect that a mass murder of 3000 souls never occurred on 911 are likely to simply shrug their shoulders and move on to something less upsetting and less confusing for them. When the reality of the source of the immense 911 hoax that continues to be perpetrated becomes more widely understood by those who make an unprejudiced effort and eventually grasp it, the real truth found will be far more terrifying than they ever imagined.

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