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Asking the U.N. for Help?

Laurie Manis, Rock Island, IL

No WMD's have been found. No links to Al Qaeda or the events of 9/11 have been found. Saddam has not been found.

The Administration has been forced to admit that evidence used to justify the invasion of Iraq was forged and plagiarized.

Our fine kids serving in the military still are being killed. The ones who return never will be the same.

37, 000 Iraqi civilians, half of whom were children under the age of 16, have been killed.

A billion of our tax dollars is being dumped into the 'reconstruction' per week but Iraq increasingly teeters on the brink of civil war.

Yet we have the audacity to believe that it's time for the UN, which refused to participate in this unholy war, to 'step up to the plate'?

Can Americans get any more dangerously, stupidly arrogant?

Bush lied & thousands died.

Got oil?

And may God forgive America.

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