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Book Reviews & Information

Supernatural Horror in Literature
An essay by one of the masters of Gothic short-story writing, H. P. Lovecraft.
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a leading independent publisher and winner of the 1999 and 2000 Publisher of the Year awards.

100 Best Non-fiction Books of the Century
Selected by a panel appointed by The National Review.
A site reviewing some of the world's best short stories.

Little Blue Light
World literature, poetry and philosophy. Short biographies of authors, selected works, and pertinent links.

BBC Bookcase
A potpourri of literary news, features, and games, and even an animated history of books guided by none other than Bill Shakespeare himself.

Banned Books
Find the texts of books that have been objects of censorship or censorship attempts.
A listing of free cliff notes and book summaries for over 200 books.

Western European Literature
An extensive source for literary texts in the western European languages other than English

Author Indexes
An affliation of Book Wire.

Great Books Five Star Sites
Research bibliography, books and links to 1,000 other interdisciplinary entries.

Breakthrough Books
Presenting a list of the groundbreaking books recommended by the experts. You can read about the best books in all the subjects covered over the years, and order them.

C-Span2's Non-fiction Books
Providing information on nonfiction books, an opportunity to watch or listen to programs you might have missed, and provide additional information not available on the network.

London Review of Books
Literary review publishing essay-length book reviews and topical articles on politics, literature, history, philosophy, science and the arts by leading writers and thinkers.

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