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American Literature (20th Century)

American Writers
C-SPAN (TV documentary) explores American history through the lives and works of selected twentieth century American writers who have influenced the course of our nation and looks at what their works mean to Americans today.

The Education of Henry Adams
Originally 100 privately published copies. This is now widely recognized to be one of the most important books written in America.

Eudora Welty
By controlling her public persona so carefully, and by firmly insisting that her work is not political, Welty has maintained for her work an anonymity among writers whom critics see as trying to change the world in which they live.

The Henry Miller Bibliography
Extensive Henry Miller archive. Includes links to Miller and literature.

The Monadnock Review
The Monadnock Review is a webzine of art and ideas dedicated to joy and reason and meaning.

Edna St.Vincent Millay
Dedicated to poet, dramatist, fiction writer (1892-1950). Find her biography, selected poetry and portraits.

Wm. Faulkner
The definitive Internet guide to Nobel Prize-winning novelist William Faulkner.

American Literature on the Web
A collection of links related to American literature and its social, cultural contexts, including documents on over 300 authors and electronic texts of their works.

Alex Catalogue of e-text
The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

Willa Cather
Dedicated to Willa Cather, 20th century American novelist. Includes biography, quotations, reviews, articles, and related links.

Thomas Wolfe
Dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. Includes memorial tour, photo gallery, bibliography, and much more.

English Litetature Resources
"English Literature" includes works written in English taught in departments of English and American literature.

Randolf Bourne
Selected articles about the brief life and ideas of Randolf Bourne 1886-1918.

A Thurber Web Collection
Find a web collection of works of the famous American writer and cartoonist, his quotations and biography.

Gore Vidal
Links pertaining to "our greatest living man of letters" from The Boston Globe

The Atlas Society
Fans of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead". Many links pertaining to Rand's own preferences and philosophy.

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