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Why Our Children Kill

Springfield Oregon. Four dead and a multitude wounded. The aggressor? A fifteen year old boy. The reason he did it? Complex yet simple. Follow as I lead you through it. Pass the word, talk with your leaders. Call D.C. Tell them "enough is too much!"

Bill KlintOOn got on the news and said he did not understand why this happens. The locals went on a gun turn in spree. The liberals are all agitated crying for more and more gun control laws. Will ANY of this help? NO! Will it make things worse? YES!

First off, lets take a real look at what happened in Springfield. Lets take a look at the actual events that led up to this tragic loss of life and the destruction of a small community's feelings of safety. And then lets compare it to the government's response and then, we can clearly see the use of those killed and wounded to push an anti American agenda of governmental abuse, growth and tyranny the likes of which Adolph Hitler mapped in his writings so many years ago.

The base problem here is that it is already illegal for kids to take guns to school. It is already illegal for kids to have hand guns. It is already illegal for kids to shoot each other. As a matter of fact, it is illegal for any concealed carry permit holder, an adult, to take a gun into a school. It is illegal for ANYONE to shoot school kids (Anyone EXCEPT Janet the baby killer Reno and her jack booted, Military clothed, Nazi thugs, ala-Waco)

So, its already against the law to do these things. That's fine by me. I do not condone gunning down children. Even when it is done by the government who is sworn to protect those children. Nobody should be allowed to do that. But, they cry for more laws against guns.......

Ask yourself, your legislators, your politicians and your police this, "Since it was illegal for a child (or anyone) to have a gun at school, and since it is illegal to shoot kids, why do we need another law? You did NOT enforce pre-existing laws and arrest this little murderous terroristic cretin the day before when he not only had a gun at school but had a STOLEN GUN at school. You turned him loose to murder his parents and then go into the school and kill other peoples children! Why, if you wont enforce laws already on the books, do we need another law? What good are your laws with no enforcement to back them up?"

You see the problem here? Everything that happened in Springfield could have been stopped if the police would have simply enforced the laws we already have. A boy is found to have a gun at school. A STOLEN GUN at school. You don't suspend him pending expulsion, you arrest him for possession of a stolen firearm. You throw his ass in jail and you lock him up for possession of stolen goods, illegal possession of a firearm and taking that firearm, illegally, onto a school campus. End of story.

What is the excuse they give for turning him loose after he was caught? "We don't have the room for him" is one excuse. Well, then let a kid go who was smoking dope. MAKE ROOM! He had a gun, a STOLEN gun, on a school campus. What more do you NEED to lock the little cretin up?

Now lets look at the other parts of this problem. For many years the government has been frittering away the parents ability to discipline their own offspring. Now if you spank your child, say for stealing guns and taking them to school perhaps? YOU go to jail. How many times have parents been jailed either for hitting their child or for being accused of it? A lot more than you ever want to know.

So, parents are no longer allowed to discipline their children. What is the governmental answer they are pushing in the wake of Springfield? To hold the Parents responsible for, the violent acts of the children! God above, how stupid can we be? If we are going to hold the parent responsible, should we not first allow them the tools necessary to guide, educate and discipline those same children? If they are to be held responsible, should we not first give them the authority they need to stop this insanity in the first place?

If a parent can not have the authority to punish the child for their transgressions, HOW can we hold that parent responsible when that child does something like this? We took away their ability to punish the child, to guide them, yet now somehow they are responsible for his actions? How many out there have been told, when grounding a child or otherwise trying to discipline them, "I am going to call the police on you". Now here is something that should scare the hell out of us! Try to discipline your recalcitrant child and they threaten to call the police on you? What insanity is this? they cause this problem and then want to hold US responsible for it?

I got it! Lets hold Bill KlintOOn responsible for the terrorist bombings in Ireland! He has no authority to punish those who do it, but hey! What the hell! Lets hold HIM responsible for the actions of those he is not allowed to discipline and guide. It is the same thing they are trying to do to parents today. And it is, to be blunt, INSANE!

So, there, in part, is the reason we have these things happening. Kids steal guns and take them to school because they KNOW they will not be punished. And they feel free to kill other kids for the same reason. If you hold the parents responsible, you wont curb it, you will make it happen more. Why? Because children are children and some of them WILL do these things to get their parents in trouble. PERIOD!

Again, we see government CAUSING the problem and then trying to punish the population for the problems they themselves caused. Anyone see a problem in that?

Bill & Stacey


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