I am convinced that I can explain how Modern Man (homo sapiens) emerged from our primitive stone age ancestors. I do this after a lifetime of observation, study, logic, and elimination. I claim that every person on this Earth, regardless of race, creed, or location, is a part of this phenomenal development of the species that is capable of building great cities, great scientific and technological achievements, going to the moon and back, and conquering cyber space.

Our emergence from stone age man had to be the result of selective breeding in isolation. There could never have been a slow development of the brain over millions of years, as some would like to believe, but it had to occur at a local level in a flash, by the standards of evolution. All races on Earth can interbreed with each other, therefore we are one species. I will now explain how it had to happen.

" Modern Man, A Creature Designed with Intellect in Mind "

In order for Modern Man to have ascended from his stone age ancestors, there had to be an intellectual evolution. This change had to occur at a local level, by the most accepted method of evolution, known as punctuated equilibrium.

Punctuated equilibrium is defined as when a small group of individuals break away from the main population or mother group. While living away from the mother group, in isolation, the environment may be very different, different food availability, new preditors, different weather, and many other factors, which would put them under new pressure to change and eventually would become a new species. A species is defined as a group of individuals who can only interbreed among themselves. The old theory of gradualism, stated that evolutionary changes occur over a long period within the mother group itself. Most scientists agree with the P.E. theory.

I believe that we, the Modern Human Race, evolved in the same way. More than likely we originated from the Cro-Magnons, as we have basically the same appearance and they seem to be the most advanced and sophisticated of the stone age species. The Cro-Magnons didn't leave much invention or innovation. They had stone and bone tools, used fire, had ceremonial altars, meat drying racks, burials, cave paintings, statues, amulets, etc, but they were missing a certain intellect, otherwise they would have left us much more. Something had to happen to bring them to the intellectual peak that Modern Man has.

This then is what happened. Somewhere in Europe or Asia, within a large community of Cro-Magnons, a child was born. As he grew he showed great signs of discovery and innovation. He had a strong understanding of cause and effect and planning and foresight. In short he was a mechanical and innovative genius. Even as a young boy he was regarded as a wunderkind, just as today, sometimes out of nowhere, a child of genius appears. In short he was a young Alexander the Great. Let us call him " Protoman One " . As he matured, he developed great sophistication and his leadership qualities became evident. He had great communicative powers, was an excellent judge of character and by virtue of his powerful personality and charisma, eventually became the community leader. He invented many important innovations which added to their culture, possible the chimney, the saw tooth blade, the block and tackle, the wheeled platform, the potters wheel, irrigation and row planting, to name a few.

Being so innovative, he slowly invented a board game, something like chess. Possibly the actual forerunner of the chess game of today. It was an organized system of attack and defence, requiring strict adherence to the rules, deep concentration, abstract thinking, long term planning and foresight, and a strong understanding of cause and effect.

The game required opponents, so among the population he searched out the most interested, willing, and intellectually capable persons, who became the hard core players. These were the individuals who had the patience for a long, hard battle, the power to concentrate for a protracted period, and the ability and desire for an intellectual challenge. There may eventually have been as many as 50 or 75 persons, both male and female. In short, these people were the brightest of their population.

What happened next is why we are the masters of the Earth.

Somehow there was a breakaway, either by deliberate planning, a political coup, or for some obscure reason, the group of chess players, their mates and children, Protoman One and his children, left the mother group and ended up far away, perhaps an island, a plateau, or a deep valley. Whatever happened, they were far away and totally isolated.

This genetically intellectual group, by living in isolation, interbreeding among themselves, with sufficient genetic diversity, eventually spread over the earth. Every human being on this Earth is descended from the Protoman Civilization, with no exceptions. Our very genes gives this away, as all people in the World are one species. All humans are capable of interbreeding, regardless of race or location. This makes us one species. Many scientists agree that we had to come from one place in time.

All other existing species of primitive man at the time were forced to extinction, were assimilated, or died out because they were not able to compete with Modern Man. Due to the highly advanced Protoman Civilization's technical capabilities, the new Modern Humans were able to master nature and spread quickly to nearly every corner of the Earth is a relatively short time.

This development probably occurred somewhere between ten and twenty thousand years ago, or may be explained by the sudden world wide spread of organized farming on a global basis. It is up to the professional anthropologists and geneticists to work out the details.

End of Hypothesis.

J. H. Price
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