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It's outrageous. Unconscionable. And virtually unreported.

In 1996, the IRS launched an audit of the non-profit Western Journalism Center. Recently obtained evidence all but proves that this audit was launched because of White House influence. The Center's newspage,, is staunchly conservative in its reporting, and thus has been a thorn in the side of President Bill Clinton.

The Center, with the aid of the conservative legal foundation Judicial Watch, has filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the IRS. The IRS has been resisting all attempts by the Center to obtain their own case file.

For more information about the audit, the lawsuit and what you can do to help, click on the links at the left of this page.

The author and maintainer of this page, Michael A. Stickles, is not a member or employee of the Western Journalism Center, WorldNetDaily, or Judicial Watch. None of the above-mentioned organizations has solicited this page. Mike just got fed up with sitting on his hands watching outrages like this go on, and finally decided to try to do something constructive about one of them.

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