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Stewart Ogilby,
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February 16, 2009


A friend emailed me a link to a video of Glen Beck on Fox News drawing a graph of the recent huge increase in our money supply as a result of "bailouts" and the "stimulus" package. I am pleased to see Fox Network let Mr. Beck go as far as he did with this incendiary subject. Basic economics is one of several important subjects rarely approached in mainline media.

Mr. Beck does not really explain to the public the results of issuing more and more money although he does use the word "worthless" and points out that the fallout is likely to come this year. He mentions Thomas Jefferson having considered such a policy immoral (without a reference) by creating a debt for future generations.

For additional predictions, you might enjoy watching the video of Gerald Celente being interviewed by Russian Television (currently located at the top of BigEye's Alternate News).

The damage done is far greater than the creation of increased debt for our descendants. Its predictable result will be to create inflation, the loss of our currency's purchasing power expressed by escalating prices and interest. This will result in a gigantic hidden additional tax to every income earner in the country.

At this point it is worth quoting Henry Morganthau, President F. D. Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary. FDR's "New Deal" relied on spending huge sums to stimulate the U.S. economy out of a great depression. Here is what Morganthau said before Congress in 1939:

"We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong ... somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises ... I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started ... And an enormous debt to boot!"

Today's discredited solution to a financial depression is not happening by accident or through ignorance. As our economy deteriorates, even more currency will probably be pulled out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. Our leaders are not only creating inflation, but are risking hyperinflation (soaring interest rates and soaring prices), a crisis resembling a genie who, once out of its bottle, cannot easily be put back in.

When World War I started, Germany took its currency off the gold standard. The Goldmark had been in circulation for forty years. At the end of the war in 1919 Germany was severely punished at Versailles by U.S., British, and French bankers and politicians. They levied onerous financial reparations on Germany at the end of a War they had all strongly supported. See this. Within a few years hyperinflation exploded in Germany.

In 1914 one US Dollar was equal to 1 Deutschmark
In 1919 one US Dollar bought around 3 DM's
In 1921 the USD bought around 15 DM.
In 1922 the USD bought around 100 DM.
In Jan. 1923 the USD bought around 2800 DM.
In Jul. 1923 the USD bought around 200,000 DM.
In Nov. 1923 the USD bought around 725,000,000,000 DM.

Hyperinflation collapses the value of a nation's currency. Savings, annuities and pensions get wiped out. All citizens become dependent upon centralized government.

The recession was well under way by the time of the stock market crash in 1929. This event served to worsen an existing problem and within a few years unemployment in Germany reached forty percent of the working population. In 1933 Adolph Hitler came to power on the heels of this economic misery. As his administration proceeded to restore economic stability and prosperty to Germany, Hitler adorned Germany's currency, the Reichsmark, with swastikas of the Third Reich.

German citizens, including the aristocracy, workers, intellectuals, and industrialists became totally dependent upon the Nazi government. Adolph Hitler got the nation's currency and economy under control. Hitler's leadership rebuilt the nation's productive economy (including huge production of arms, tanks, airplanes, etc.) with financial help from bankers in England and the USA.


Wars are waged with financial backing from bankers. Warfare is tremendously expensive and constitutes the bankers' best source of profits (interest on their loans). Of course, citizens of waring nations are given other reasons by their political leaders who are financed and supported by bankers. If the dollar collapses and is replaced by the Amero as currency for the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), will our leaders. as did the Nazis, get our nation's currency and economy under control?

Adolph Hitler, a heroic combat-injured veteran of the First World War, was a fiercely patriotic man, an hypnotic public speaker, and a charismatic and masterful public leader. He appeared on the 1938 cover of Time Magazine as their Man of the Year. If he had died that year, official history today might describe him as one of the great successful leaders of Western Civilization. The political leadership that emerged in Nazi Germany was heavily indebted to international bankers. World War II would probably have occurred anyway.

In the light of historical research, specific details pertaining to camps in which the Nazi government placed Jews, political suspects, dissenters, gypsies, and homosexuals, are still being studied. Persons considered to be defective or sub-human were sterilized or killed, consistent with a ruthless eugenics policy.

We now have a widespread network of unpopulated FEMA camps in the USA to be utilized, presumably, in the event of national emergency. Some alarmist political observers (and all the paranoid ones) seem convinced that these facilities have been prepared for political dissenters and those the State has a problem controlling or with whom problems are anticipated.

My present view is that Obama is economically illiterate (or doesn't want to know) and is being orchestrated by what has been termed a shadow government upon which We The People have no influence. For example, We The People were overwhelmingly against "bailing out" the bankers. Roughly 300 US economists, including three Nobel Prize winners, have already gone on record (with full-page newspaper ads) to correct Obama's financial rhetoric (see the animated script on BigEye's home page).

Two Presidents in this country who opposed big bankers were, unfortunately, killed. If Obama is a quick learner (or if he already knows the facts), he'd be wise to keep his eloquent mouth shut if he wants to retire peacefully. Fortunately for him, all present indications are that he is a politically ambitious talker who eloquently verbalized progressive campaign rhetoric. Given his appointments, his actions, and his clarification of previously implied policies, any conceivable executive plans of our nation's leaders would appear to be not seriously threatened.

Anyone for Amendment #10 of the U.S. Constitution?

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