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Stewart Ogilby
All our trusts in Florida are prepared by an attorney who specializes in estate planning.
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Florida Living Trust Probate Estate Planning Trust Overview The Estate Plan TM

In Memoriam: Henry W. Abts III (1926-2010)

A nationally recognized authority on Living Trusts, Henry W. Abts III is chairman and founder of The Estate Plan™, the nation's oldest and largest Living Trust production corporation, responsible for creating more than 25,000 Living Trusts. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Mr. Abts holds a masters degree from the Stanford Univeristy Graduate School of Business.

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Mr. Abts is also the author of three nationally best-selling books on Living Trusts and how to settle them. The Estate Plan™ is the only authorized distribution source of these powerful, perfected, and time-tested documents.

Over 25 years of document preparation are behind The Estate Plan™ Universal Living Trust™ documents; over 50,000 trusts for attorneys, clients and advisors have been prepared; over 5,000 estates have been settled without complications. The Estate Plan™ is the industry leader for Living Trusts and superior estate planning documents. See:

The Estate Plan™ has been the nationally recognized leader in providing the most comprehensive Living Trusts in the profession for the past quarter of a century. A properly written Living Trust is a simple, inexpensive legal alternative that eliminates the costs and delays of probate and ensures that your loved ones will receive their inheritance promptly and exactly as you intended. It also allows you to plan for your own incapacity or for avoiding competency hearings.

If you reside in Florida at least several months of the year and want to have an Estate Plan Revocable Living Trust prepared by a top-notch Florida estate-planning attorney, together with my help, please phone or email me. Include your name, postal mailing-address and telephone number(s). Of course, you are under no obligation by virtue of our discussion.

Stewart Ogilby
Independent Advisor — The Estate PlanTM
All our Florida trusts are prepared by an attorney who specializes in estate planing.
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Florida Living Trust Probate Estate Planning Trust Overview The Estate Plan TM

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