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X-From_:  Wed Sep  8 17:40:53 1999
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Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 17:28:24 -0400
From: Ian Goddard 

 The report at the following URL presents evidence 
 NEVER BEFORE SEEN on the Internet from the much-
 discussed FLIR video taken over Waco, Texas.

 This evidence, covered briefly in Mike McNulty's
 award-winning documentary "Waco: The Rules of 
 Engagement" and corroborated by expert testimony,
 establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the 
 fire that engulfed the Mount Carmel Center in 
 Waco, Texas, was started by the U.S. Government.
 This evidence is not being discussed on TV, but, 
 thanks to the Internet, everyone can see it now!

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