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Chechen Revenge

Webmaster's note:

The Bush administration's leaders, as well as the Russian government would prefer their publics to believe that the Russian school massacre occurred in a vacuum. Just as 9/11, this "terrorism" also has its obvious antecedents. As inhumane and barbaric as this school atrocity was, the number of children killed is only a fraction of those murdered by Russia's state leaders and lost by their Chechen parents.

Despite their horror, "terrorist" acts perpetrated by individuals and private groups pall in comparison to those undertaken by state leaders. The governments of "Western Civilization", including our own, have been complicit in atrocities committed by the Russian government for the past decade against civilians in Chechnya and their heroic defenders.

If you want to gain perspective in this matter, read each of the following Foreign Correspondent columns by Eric Margolis, published on this web site. After reading one, click your browser's 'Back' button or right-click and click 'Back' to return to this archive for the next.

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