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Elbert Hubbard - Bibliography

It has been estimated that Elbert Hubbard published more than seven million words. Here is a list of major publications in the Hubbard output:


  • The Philistine. First issue: June 1895. Last issue: July 1915. Issued monthly.
  • The Fra. First issue: April 1908. Last issue: August 1917. Issued monthly.
  • The Roycroft Quarterly. Issued once, May 1, 1896 (a Stephen Crane issue).

In June of 1895 the Philistine Volume One, Number 1, totaled 2,500 copies. By the third year the monthly print order was 20,000 and by 1900 (before the Message to Garcia had its impact) it was 52,000 copies a month. The most prestigious of the "little magazines", the Chap Book, never seems to have printed more than 16,500 copies in any single month. By 1907 the combined circulation of the Philistine and Little Journeys was more than 200,000 per month!

"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great"

Issued monthly from 1895 through 1909. Both Roycroft and Putnam editions of Little Journeys are to be found after 1900.


  • The Man. A Story of Today. New York, J. S. Ogilvie, 1891.
  • One Day. A Tale of the Prairies. Boston, Arena Publishing Company, 1893.
  • Forbes of Harvard. Boston, Arena Publishing Company, 1894.
  • No Enemy (but Himself). New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1894.
  • The Legacy. Roycroft, 1896.
  • Time and Chance: A Romance of History: Being the Story of the Life of a Man. Roycroft, 1899. Also a revised edition by G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1901. (This was Hubbard's "life" of John Brown; the Library of Congress has it catalogued as fiction).
  • The Man of Sorrows. Roycroft, 1905.
  • White Hyacinths. Roycroft, 1907.
Books about Elbert Hubbard - These two books alone will give any student an excellent view of this intriguing page in American History.
  • Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora by Felix Shay, Wm. H. Wise & CO., N. Y., 1926. A fascinating anecdotal first-hand account by a man who worked closely with Hubbard.

  • Art & Glory by Freeman Champney, Kent State Univ. Press, 1968. A thoughtful biography and analysis of Hubbard, the Roycrofters, and their world.
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