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Birth of the creature

Robert Russell Ogilby ("Dr. Rock") b. 1-12-1935, PhD Geology (Ohio State University) died June 3, 1997 following a struggle with cancer.

A man of boundless energy, yachtsman, outdoorsman, sportsman, scientist, musician, and among the rare breed of persistently curious intellects, Bob is missed dearly by those who knew him.

Bob's personal web-page remains on-line (below) in remembrance of this exuberant Renaissance man.

At last, arrived at where our paths divide,
"Good-night", and ere the distance grew too wide -
"Good-night", again; and now, with cheated ear,
I half-hear his, whose mine shall never hear.

Beloved brother and best friend, steadfast companion both online and off, rest in peace.

Welcome to Doctor Rock's 1997 Web Page

Society Can't Control Crime By Regulating The Law Abiding

Far Worse Than The UNEQUAL Treatment of EQUAL People
Is The EQUAL Treatment of UNEQUAL People

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Interview Of Last Person To Escape From Waco

This is Your Big Chance to Engage in Civil Disobedience by Becomming An EXPORTER AND TRAFFICKER OF MUNITIONS AND ARMS
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And some Rin up Hill and
Down dale, Knapping the
Chucky Stanes to Pieces
wi' Hammers, Like sae Many
Road Makers run Daft.
They Say it Was to See How
the Warld was Made.

Sir Walter Scott(1824) - Sir Ronan's Well

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