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Voluntary Resistance

"State legitimacy will only be destroyed when sufficient numbers of people come to view government actions in the same moral light as that of the individual. If this moral leveling is not brought about, if this delegitimization is not accomplished, then violent revolution must inevitably fail, even if it were successful in battle. The destruction of State legitimacy must precede the advent of violent revolution, and when that has occurred, violent revolution will be unnecessary."  This essay by Carl Watner (one of my heroes) is probably the best, most important essay I have ever read about voluntaryism and civil disobedience.


Party Dialogue

"Libertarians should oppose the vote in principle - they should oppose the mechanism by which political sanctification occurs. Political power is legitimized through the electoral process. The present voting system is based on the premise that fundamental rights can be gained or surrendered depending on the vote total. Libertarians must oppose this unconscionable process. We must oppose the political process itself--the mechanism whereby some persons gain unjust (but legitimized) power over others. The vote sanctifies injustice. If the libertarian message is to be truly radical--if liberatarians are to lead the fight, not only against this or that injustice, but against the political system that perpetuates and legitimizes injustice--then we must condemn voting altogether. A libertarian cannot use the vote for his own end, as if the vote were morally neutral. The vote is the method by which the State maintains its illusion of legitimacy. There is no way a libertarian organization can assail the legitimacy of the State while soliciting votes."  A classic column by George H. Smith.

Is Voting an Act of Violence?

"By voting, it is clear that each voter endorses the governmental system under which he or she lives. By the act of voting, each voter is saying: It is right and proper for some people, acting in the name of the State, to pass laws and to use violence to compel obedience to those laws if they are not obeyed."  Column by Carl Watner.

Against Woman Suffrage

"Women are human beings, and consequently have all the natural rights that any human beings can have. They have just as good a right to make laws as men have, and no better; AND THAT IS JUST NO RIGHT AT ALL."  A classic by Lysander Spooner.

Why I Would Not Vote

"Even in these circumstances, however, I would still refuse to vote against Hitler. Why? Because the essential problem is not Hitler, but the institutional framework that allows a Hitler to grasp a monopoly on power. Without the state to back him up and an election to give him legitimized power, Hitler would have been--at most--the leader of some ragged thugs who mugged people in back alleys. Voting for or against Hitler would only strengthen the institutional framework that produced him--a framework that would produce another of his ilk in two seconds."  Another classic by Wendy McElroy.


Abstain from Beans

"When we place voting into the framework of politics, however, a major change occurs. When we express a preference politically, we do so precisely because we intend to bind others to our will. Political voting is the legal method we have adopted and extolled for obtaining monopolies of power. Political voting is nothing more than the assumption that might makes right. There is a presumption that any decision wanted by the majority of those expressing a preference must be desirable, and the inference even goes so far as to presume that anyone who differs from a majority view is wrong or possibly immoral."  Another classic by Bob LeFevre.


I Don't Mind If You Keep Voting, But Do You Mind If I Keep Laughing While You Do?

"I donít care who the candidate is.  I donít care what issues to which he seems to gravitate.  I donít care about his record, his leadership qualities, the apparent first-lady-ness of his wife (or her husband), his insider-ness or his outsider-ness, his race, his height, his weight, how well he speaks, how wonderfully he photographs, the nation of his birth, how likely it might be that heís fun to drink with, or his appreciation for unique uses for a fine cigar."  Column by Wilt Alston.

You Are Not a Number!

"Instead of voting on Tuesday, why not talk to someone you know about Liberty, Peace, and Justice? Why not discuss some honorable alternatives with a niece or nephew who is in danger of joining the military or the civilian bureaucracy? Why not spend an hour or two trying to come up with ways to avoid, elude, or undermine leviathan, or cast it into disrepute?"  This powerful column by Nicholas Strakon is a MUST-READ.

Down With Apathy!

"From the standpoint of the individual, voting is not effective for sanctioning one or another candidate and his future actions, as I've shown; but it is effective for sanctioning the whole apparatus of permanent rule and one's own permanent role as one of the ruled. Habitual voters like to tell conscientious non-voters that if they don't vote, they have no business complaining about what happens later. If anything, the reverse is true."  Another powerful, MUST-READ column by Nicholas Strakon.

Holy Day of Obligation

"I used to love it--there was a heady rush in following my candidates, and cheering for our side, and just knowing that God in Heaven agreed with us and only if the voters on the other side could just see the truth! Then election night! I always took election day and the day after as personal days, because I would stay up and watch results till the networks and CNN began interviewing members of their janitorial staff. Then, friends and fellow addicts and I would discuss it all till the wee hours of the morning, at which time we would grab breakfast and tune back in to get results from the races too close to call earlier."  Column by Jeff Baxter.

It's Time to Vote, With Your Feet

"Removing yourself from the political marketplace is not only morally right, it is also spiritually and emotionally liberating. Highly recommended. Thereís no time like the present to join the growing body of former voters who have abandoned the Stateís support system of feigned legitimacy."  Column by Joe Blow.

Voting = Status Quo

"Voting only results in more of the status quo: more empty promises, more taxes, more government, more spending, more entitlements, more hegemony, more global policemen, more wars, more expensive 'solutions' to nonexistent and/or induced problems that only Leviathan can devise and impose on its citizens forever."  Column by Joe Blow.

A Recovering Voter

"The harm in voting, what I never saw lurking in the corners, was the moral responsibility. Sure, if my candidate wins, and he does something stupid... then part of the moral responsibility lies with me. What I didnít know is that Iím still responsible when my candidate loses and the other moron does something equally idiotic. Why? Because I took part in the system that put the weasel in. I not only took part, I embraced the system. I became the system."  A funny column by Joe Bommarito that most of us can identify with.


I, Objector

"After 35 years of voting in every election, I have recently joined the swelling ranks of non-voters. I am a conscientious objector."  Column by Joe Bommarito.


It's Time to Get Passionate About Not Voting

"The non-voting libertarians won the ethical debate years ago, but the voting libertarians are still more numerous and visible because they want to get out there and do something.  We need to share the difficult truth with these people that their efforts in the political arena are hopeless.  We need to remind them that libertarians have already won the hearts and minds of America and still Washington grows.  We need to explain to Libertarian Party types that the most powerful force in a democracy is not the will of the people, it is the phenomenon of your own personal bailout."  Column by new Root Striker Stewart Browne.


The Purpose of Voting

"The problem here is that voting also generates costs in other areas. You are automatically registered with the state as a voter (we can also call it 'supporter of the system'). In the United States this is obvious, since you need to register prior to voting. In countries where this is not the case, you will still be registered as one of the many wanting your views to be forced upon the electorate. There are thus many moral implications to voting which simply makes it very costly for libertarians to take part in this."  Column by Per Bylund.


The Right to Shun Voters

"[Voters] may feel like victims now and then, but it is their system and their policies and they support it by voting. Voters are the people who effectively maintain political power over society and thereby over you. Even though you, being a non-voter, have nothing to do with their system and donít support it in any way, they claim the right to force you to comply with whatever rules they see fit. It is 'democratic,' you see. They vote and decide what to do with your life and your property; they say it is 'freedom,' and in a way it is Ė their freedom to force you to comply with their rules."  Column by Per Bylund.


Statist Reasoning: Non-Freedom for Non-Voters

"The interesting point in this is that one, according to this logic, seems to earn a right to complain from the act of voting. Or, in other words, you earn a right to be dissatisfied with the people elected to rule you only if you have taken part in the electing!"  Column by Per Bylund.


The Second Question

"Why does 51% have a right over 49%? Why do you say the few always have to adjust to the many? Why is an opinion 'right' simply because many share it? Why doesnít everybodyís views count? Why cannot voting ever be a bad thing?"  Column by Per Bylund.


The Power to Get Away With It

Recommended  "Libertarians engaging in a political campaign to have someone elected have from my point of view given up their claim on liberty; they are no longer striving for liberty as number one, but are working to give someone power to liberate them. Is this really a way forward? Is it to love liberty to give it up?"  Column by Per Bylund.

Ten Things To Do On Nov. 5

Instead of voting.  Column by Wally Conger.


Primary Day in the Trash

Recommended  "Possibly this will help others reading this to inject an element of doubt into the minds of our Statist neighbors, i.e., that nobody, but nobody, can delegate a power he does not possess: to interfere in the peaceful life of another human being."  Column by Jim Davies.


Five Reasons Not to Vote

Recommended  "The very act of pulling a lever, or writing an 'X', or punching out a chad, is an act of violence against our fellow humans; it is an act which says, for a common example, 'I know full well that I have no right to steal my neighbor's money to pay for my child's education, so I want you, Ms Candidate, to go do it for me'."  Column by Jim Davies.


The Gods Make Crazy

"What precisely is [government]? The best definition I've come across is Anthony Alexander's: it isn't so much something, as the absence of something, namely the market. Government is that mysterious emanation that prevents a free market functioning smoothly."  Column by Jim Davies.


Suppose Paul Wins

"The whole theory of democratic voting is that the majority prevails and the losers submit. This is the very antithesis of freedom (in which, thanks to the market, everybody wins). There is no way that 'freedom' can or should be forced down the unwilling throats of a possible 49% of voters who do not want it--to say nothing of the other 180 million American adults who may want it but not enough to vote for it."  Column by Jim Davies.



"Ransome's error was exactly that of virtually all of our neighbors at election time--for ballots are merely bullets, in drag....The voter is saying, as he pulls the lever or presses the screen, 'I want you to be ruler, and if you win and anyone refuses to submit to your rule, it's okay by me if you kill him.' Ultimately, that's exactly what always occurs."  Column by Jim Davies.


Be Free

MUST READ  "It is difficult to be peaceful in the face of violence and to love when surrounded by hate.  This is why the 'dark side' is so easy to follow and seeing the light takes so much courage.  The light can appear blinding and the fear of force is often debilitating.  Still, each individual has the power to act free and with courage may choose to be free."  Column by Mark Davis.


The Anarchist Vote

MUST READ  "I like this analogy because it reveals how voting is an act of submission: When you no longer resist tyranny, but agree to submit to the threat or use of force and do as you are told, when you no longer question the higher authority because you are allowed to choose your supervisor.  In the process you condemn your offspring and future generations to be subjects of this authority establishing an institution of tyranny that eventually is accepted unquestioningly, perhaps even celebrated."  Column by Mark Davis.


A Dollar in Peril

"What great sport this farce would be--if it were not so terribly, tragically, fatally sad."  Column by Jim Davies.


Trading Buttons and Balloons for Ideas

Stop campaigning and start reading and thinking.  Column by Karen De Coster.

Curmudgeonly Reflections on Democracy

MUST READ  "Voting in particular is an embarrassment, being a public display of weak character and low intelligence. Let us face the truth: Democracy, like spitting in public or the Roman games, is the proper activity of the lower intellectual and moral classes. It amounts to collusion in one's own suckering."  Fred Reed nails it!

31 Reasons to Vote

Rob's column about why people vote.


Will and Intent

"So all of you voters out there, you who believe that you have the right to pass laws (laws are things which 'authorize' enforcement by the police), just remember that, at the very least, you are the equivalent to those in that bar room who were cheering on the rapists.  You may not have the guts to just go out there and take what you want by force, but you can 'get your rocks off' by cheering on those brutal enough to violate others with your support."  Column by NonEntity.


Peeling Off My Capital "L"

"My Hoppean secession from party politics isn't an abandonment of the battle for liberty. On the contrary: It's redeployment to the front lines. Freedom can't be achieved through politics. Voting can't build liberty any more than flapping our arms can make us fly. And as Lew Rockwell has pointed out, the whole idea of "public policy" is an anti-liberty fraud. The fields where freedom will be won are philosophical and ethical . . . mental and moral . . . personal, not political."  Column by new Root Striker Andrew Rogers. 



"This is the fundamental difference between the statist and the anarchist, that one seeks control, and the other seeks liberty.  No voter believes that men may govern themselves if allowed.  Every true anarchist does so believe."  Column by Patrick Yancey.


Pulling the Legitimacy Plug: Choosing Not to Vote

Column by Joe Blow.


Pulling the Legitimacy Plug (Part 2): Choosing Not to Vote

Column by Joe Blow.


Chains of Slavery

"Hitler was among the least likely of individuals to rise to power when he did. He was unimposing, a poor student, flat broke, and a failed painter. He lived like a bum for months on the streets of Vienna and he had no special gifts, other than an ability to speak in public. If not for the NSDAP, he would have gone nowhere. It was a political party that enabled Hitler to rise to power."  Column by Joe Blow.


The Anti-Electorate Manifesto

"Remember that the proposal to quit voting is basically revolutionary; it amounts to a shifting of power from one group to another, which is the essence of revolution....Unlike other revolutions, it calls for no organization, no violence, no war fund, no leader to sell it out. In the quiet of his conscience each citizen pledges himself, to himself, not to give moral support to an unmoral institution, and on election day he remains at home. Thatís all."  Column by Wally Conger.


Don't Soil Yourself With Politics

"An active alcoholic convinces themselves that alcohol (government) is not the problem, that it is actually the solution!  If they can just learn to drink (vote) the right way, or select the right beverage (party) in the right amount (local, state, fed), life will stop hurting and start working well.  Good citizens are under the same delusion.  If only their man is elected, then life would start working well."  Column by Retta Fontana.


The Religion of Politics

"Voting, in other words, is the primary holy sacrament of initiation into the cult of power worship. We are all supplicants to this religion. Each and every time we imbibe the ritual, drinking deeply of the chalice of power-lust, we murder just a little bit more of our own soul, sacrificing it gradually but inexorably, to the God whose name we dare not speak."  Column by new Root Striker Greg Gauthier.


Mock the Vote

"Thereís nothing special about 50% plus one. Truth and justice cannot be determined by a show of hands. We are not the government. Voting is not a sacrament."  Column by new Root Striker David Heleniak. 


I Don't and Won't Vote: Here's Why

"I have a very hard time believing that grown adults, quite able to grasp the concepts I laid before them, do not understand what they are intentionally doing by being so foolish, shortsighted, self-degrading, and destructive as to continue voting in political elections."  Column by Alex R. Knight III.


Every Vote Is Sacred

"Every vote for the president is wasted. The system is corrupt. Stay home and exercise your freedom as a human being to not vote for he who will oppress you. Nothing will ever improve until you wake up. Your life is not owned by those who lay claim to it."  Column by Jeff Langr.


The Death of Politics

"But is it really apathy? Of course not. It's a gradual awakening to the scam of our modern times - the idea that we can vote to make our lives more bearable, interesting, exciting, profitable and healthy - or that we can vote for justice, freedom and a fat paycheque."  Column by David MacGregor. 


Signs of Autumn

Recommended  "That is directly where my pushing of a button on an electronic voting screen leads.  It leads to the threat of violence from the government that is encouraging my participation.  I am...engaging in a violent act by silently threatening those with whom I disagree."  Column by B.R. Merrick.


The Truth About Voting

MUST SEE  Video by Stefan Molyneux.


The Truth About Voting, Part 2

Recommended  Video by Stefan Molyneux.


The Truth About Voting, Part 3

Recommended  Video by Stefan Molyneux.


Tomorrow, the World

Column by Ronald Neff.


Making Gang Rape Fair

"If you vote, you deserve to get screwed, just on general principle.  If you vote, you are responsible for giving credibility to pure evil.  Voting is the same as saying, 'Yes dear, I know I caused you to hit me.  I promise to be better!' and supporting the idea of government is killing millions of people worldwide and enslaving most of the rest."  Column by NonEntity.


Confessions of a Former Political Junkie

"Strike The Root is the Archimedesí Lever of liberty on the Internet.  Itís the intellectual Red Pill--an escape from the Matrix of government propaganda and pro-statist ideology espoused by the mainstream media.  Itís a sharp stick in the eye of the political establishment.  Itís a Twelve-Step Recovery Program for collectivists in one giant libertarian leap."  Column by Mike Powers.


Voting Sophisms

"So, what happened?  These are the politicians that the voters chose to represent them.  This is the President that the people asked for.  This is the Congress that the citizenry demanded.  Is it possible that voters made a mistake?"  Column by Mike Powers.    


Elections and the Lesson of Frodo

"We must destroy the Ring of Power.  There is no guarantee that we, like Frodo, will succeed.  But we must try.  And the first step is to stop dignifying governmental electoral politics by giving it any credence whatsoever.  We have to recognize its inherent immorality and realize that any participation in electoral politics, any belief in political solutions, is participation in our own degradation, our own slavery."  Column by Craig Russell.


Why I Do Not Vote

Column by Butler Shaffer.


To Rock the Vote, Knock It, or Block It?

"But don't you see what they're trying to do here? They're trying to shame you into going to the polls....They want you to think staying home on Election Day means you simply don't care. Well, here's an idea: Stay home because you do.  If you think this sounds like giving up, I say voting out of 'duty' sounds like giving in."  Column by Jonathan David Morris.


Don't Vote, Not Even for Martha

"Stay home during the primaries.  Study monetary theory and American history instead of watching the political conventions.  Avoid the polls in November.  Donít give your next masters legitimacy."  Column by George F. Smith.


Slackers, Arise!  Support the Anti-Party!

"At the very least, the Anti-Party would get people to think about the coercive nature of the state and how the act of voting sanctions legal aggression.  If the party attracts enough members, it would also deny legitimacy to election winners."  Column by George F. Smith.


Think Outside the Booth

"Yet, your vote is very important to the government.  The more votes it has, the easier it can claim legitimacy. Voting is your way of blessing the institution of government itself."  Column by George F. Smith.


Keep the Revolution Going

" Freedom is ours for the taking; it will come through non-violent non-cooperation; not through the political process.  The political process, such as voting, only strengthens the twisted root of tyranny.  Refusing to participate in the political process takes away the deception governments exist by consent...."  Column by Marc Stevens.


An Open Letter to Voters: Please Don't

Recommended  "Like the man who bayonets a baby to save a city, when a man votes, he necessarily approves of the means used to obtain his end. The means of attaining any political end in a tax-based government is the coercion of tax dollars from innocents: an act of aggression. Quite simply, if you vote, you de facto support the infliction of violence upon your neighbors...."  Column by new Root Striker Geoff Turecek.


Friends Don't Let Friends Vote!

"If I were having lunch with you, and in the middle of lunch I were to stand up and announce to everyone in the restaurant that you were buying everyoneís lunch, I am sure you would take issue with that. What about if I agreed to put it up for a vote, would that make it fair? If you agree to accept the result, then you are therefore legitimizing it, and agreeing to the outcome."  Column by Mike Wasdin.


Four More Years

"I have been watching and listening to this crap since the days of Nixon. Every four years another loser steps up to the plate and tells us that all he needs is four years, and the previous loser claims that he just needs four more years. When will the sheeple learn? How many times do you have to be screwed? How many four more years will it take?"  Column by Mike Wasdin.


Feels So Right

"The sun has risen, as always.  The pre-election warning of 'Vote or Die' from the American ghetto is now even more laughable.  Some tyrants remain in place to extend their term of destructiveness.  Others are new to the scam, busy charting future paths of theft and death while their obedient serfs behold and regale their new saviors.  I pay no attention to, nor attempt to remember, their names.  Why bother?"  Column by Roger Young.


There Is No "I" in Democracy

"There is no part of life too miniscule for a politician to get his nose into if it smells faintly of funding or power, and nothing the whoring masses wonít sell for a shiny new promise."  Column by Retta Fontana.


I Will Not Compromise

"My biggest argument with involvement in politics is that voting or running for office is joining the crime family. Libertarians do not believe in the initiation of force to achieve social goals. Any government, no matter how small, even if it did nothing beyond national defense and enforcement of contracts, initiates force to achieve social goals by the collection of taxes."  Column by Retta Fontana.


Reject the 'Anarchist' Voters

"If Anarchy is to mean anything at all, it must be a wholesale rejection of political coercion. So what are we to make of people who call themselves Anarchists, but who at the same time support the coercive process of democracy....?"  Column by Francois Tremblay.


The Case Against Voting

"But it is the anarchists who, for well over a century, have been the most consistent advocates of conscientiously staying away from the poll. Since anarchism implies an aspiration for a decentralised non-governmental society, it makes no sense from an anarchist point of view to elect representatives to form a central government. If you want no government, what is the point of listening to the promises of a better government? As Thoreau put it: 'Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence. A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight.'"


None of the Above

"The only way your vote counts is to make you complicit in the crimes that will inevitably be committed by its recipient."  Column by Doug Casey.


Pointless Policy Punditry

"Both parties have the same ideology: grab the baseball bat of coercive government and drive their own agenda down the gullible gullets of everyone else.  Policy issues are window dressing for voters: do you want a lefty or a rightie at the plate?  That's the only choice we're offered."  Column by Garry Reed.


Donít Vote

It makes more sense to play the lottery, according to Stephen Landsburg.


Not Voting and Proud

Donít throw away your life; throw away your vote.  By Brian Doherty.


Reasons to Vote Debunked!


Be Patriotic: Don't Vote


Fork the Vote!

On election day, the Puppet Buckaroos remind you to delouse yourself. (video)


The Essence of Voting, in One Sentence...


Do It.  Vote.


Voting as a Self-Defense Strategy


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