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Medical & Disability Resources

Medical Resources

U.S. Government site
Medical Online: women's health, spinal injuries, aids, pediatrics, cancer, drugs, first aid, health insurance, news, nutrition

Medical Supplies: massagers, magnets, pillows, pain gels, braces, exercise equipment

Medical Information: health management, diseases, symptoms, medications, medical devices, procedures, specialty resources, online consultation, online courses

MedNet Connections: medical specialties, medical reference, general, medical publications, surgical procedures

MedWorld: forum, patient-physician-scientist exchange

The Internet Hospital Directory: listed by country, state, city

Trauma & Critical Care Email Directory: worldwide medical expert locator

Mayo Clinic: latest medical news, centers for allergy & asthma, alzheimer's, cancer, children, digestive, heart, medicine, men, women & nutrition

Find a doctor at Vitals

Health Grades: ratings of hospitals, physicians, health plans

The Black Health Net: medical resources that effect the Black community

Hospital Web: job and career information for healthcare professionals

Neurology Web Forums: discussions between patients, caregivers, and physicians about various neurology-related topics

MS-Crossroad: essential MS related links

The National Multiple Scherosis Society: MS information & educational programs, clinical bulletins, research, treatment...

America's clinical trials, medical mall, library, support groups, medical connections

Mount Sinai: hospital, school of medicine, research, health system, physician referral, international programs

NYU School of Medicine: hospital center, orthopedic, affiliates, medical library

Medline: searches for articles, news, drugs, medical dictionary, aids line

Ask Noah: alternative (complementary) medicine

Cornell Medical Center: mental health, medication & side effects, conditions & disorders, recovery & wellness, resources

Health Hotlines: National Library of Medicine, health organizations, databases, toll-free phone service, publications

Health WWWeb: health information, tools, resource guide, links, news, professional forum, body, mind & spirit

John Hopkins Hospital: vision loss, health care, critical care, asthma, plastic surgery, multispecialty, arthritis, transplants

Quick Ndex: over 2,000 health titles, newsletter, columns & updates, global health, medicine search, medical cybrarian, wellness center

Specialized Information Service: toxicology, HIV/Aids, outreach, tutorials, publications, web links, environmental health, toxline

All About Multiple Sclerosis: accurate and comprehensive medical information about multiple sclerosis

Able Data: the world of assistive technology

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped: brailon the internet, talking books, newsletters...

Equal Access to Software and Information: adaptive resources, on-line education, publications, legislation

Neurosciences on the Internet: centers, labs, clinical departments, databases, diseases, mailing lists, organizations, web MD chat, medications

Med Help International: virtual medical help for patients

Disability Resource: information and networking

Federal Programs: social security disability, veterans elderly & disabled healthcare, doctors, services

University of Washington DO-IT Program: disabilities, opportunities, internetworking, technology

Trace Center: the leading research, development, and resource center in the area of access to computers by people with disabilities

Ability Wear: clothing and accessories for the active wheeler

March of Dimes: birth defects and genetics, prenatal care

National Cancer Institute: international cancer information services - covers disease topics, supportive care, new drugs, screening & prevention, clinical trials

Disability & Medical Resource Mall: information on disability & medical products, resources & services, over 2,500 links

Insweb: disability questions concerning insurance, insurance disability resources

Access Able Travel Source: access information to mature & disabled travelers, international organizations for disabled travel, books, newsletters, magazines

Travelers International: world-wide travel with special needs page, rock bottom prices

Accessibility Unlimited: recreational vehicles designed by a handicapped engineer

Connie George Travel Associates: specializes in group & independent packages and tours for the disabled

Disability Associates Online: disability consultants, training program

ADA Consultants: American Disabilities Act experts

Delphi Forums: medical & disabled

ALS Lou Gehrig Disease: facts, experts, newsletter, local offices, research & clinical centers, nutrition, community programs

Muscular Dystrophy Association: research, clinics & services, community programs, experts, publications

International MS Support Foundation: mega MS information and resources, doctors online, organizations, help, humor...

The Boulevard - Assistive Technology: specialty Winnebagos, wheelchairs, vans, minivans, econoline vans, ramps, power seats & doors, rehab., lifts, adaptive driving equipment, chat, directory, library

Disability-Related Sites on the World Wide Web: directories, national & international organizations, consulting, university basedprograms, service providers, federally funded projects, grants, forums, children, rehabilitation, mental health, residential...

Sarcoidosis: multi-system auto-immune disease diagnostic, hospital resources, organizations, university resources, chronic pain, patient forum, support group, doctor database

Neurology Online: education, research, neurological conditions

National Institute of Health, Osteoporosis & Related Bone Diseases: National Resource Center, paget's disease, osteogenesis Imperfecta and other disorders

American Academy of Neurology: migraines, resources, research, books & publications, support, ALS, autism, Bell's Palsy, down syndrome, epilepsy, Gullain-Barre Syndrome, Parkinson Disease, sleep disorders, Myasthenia Gravis, stroke

Hypertension, Dialysis & Clinical Nephrology, HDCN: medical products, devices, services & drugs

Glaucoma Research Foundation: links, forum, treatments

CDC, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: travelers health, domestic violence, infection control, hepatitis, health topics from A-Z

HIV/AIDSInformation: direct links to facts, references, clinical trials, resources

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: defined, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, medications, quality of life, warning signs, tips, research.

The Sickle Cell Information Center: symptoms, treatment, healthcare providers, on-line resources, screening, worldwide links, contacts, clinics, blood banks & donors, clinical research, news, Q&A

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy: widely used medical text a free medical resource,info about diseases & treatments, pharmacy, medical dictionary, news, ask the medical experts diagnostic & reference information on symptoms, drugs & supplements, e-zines, wellness center, news

SciCentral - 50,000 scientific sites: biological sciences, health sciences, research, physical & chemical, earth & science, policy & ethics, news, bulletin boards, journals, books & periodicals, medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine

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