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We all know what happens to yesterday's news. A similar fate befalls articles in most on-line journals. The BigEye Digest simply aims to make a few selected news items and journal articles available for a longer period of time. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Friedman has Clinton taking the Arab leaders to task, particularly their intellectuals, for keeping the Arab culture from entering the 21st Century.
"Tom Friedman Puts Words in Clinton's Mouth to the Arabs -"
-- Emanuel A. Winston, at - Dec. 1, 2001

Interview with David Halberstam.
"The American Habit of Napping just before a war starts"
-- Kim Campbell, in The Christian Science Monitor - Nov. 8, 2001

Exclusive Commentary -
The Editor

-- Stewart Ogilby

The Internet revolution has ended just as surprisingly as it began
The Internet Under Siege"
-- Lawrence Lessing in "Foreign Policy"

U.S. Library of Congress Distorts & Edits Jefferson's Writings for Public Show
The Real Jefferson on Religion
-- Robert S. Alley, Free Inquiry magazine

Aussie Doctor Rewrites Textbooks
New Research on clitoris reveals basic facts.
-- Tabloid

Exclusive Commentary -
The Editor

Hey, Wait a Minute!
-- Stewart Ogilby

The "Educational" Agenda at Bates College -
"Enemy of the People" by David Horowitz
-- Salon Magazine

Operation Tailwind Fantasy
Outright dishonesty and sloppy investigative techniques produced vintage Arnett work at CNN
-- Ray Smith

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