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The Grim Reality of This War

Hi Everyone, this is Dennis.

It's Friday, April 23, 2004. I'm in Philadelphia today and I'm looking at the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer with the headlines: "Coffins at Dover Base - A Little Seen View of the War" [ ] and it contains a photo that was published by an activist on his website. It was obtained from the Department of Defense under the Freedom of Information Act and it is is a very grim picture of rows and rows of flag-draped coffins of American service men and service women who were killed in action in Iraq.

The sanitized version of the war is beginning to give way to the grim reality that the casualties keep mounting as this administration keeps digging this country in deeper and deeper. I am more convinced than ever of the importance of standing up and speaking out and demanding that our Democratic Party take a strong stand in challenging this war. Aside from the moral imperative of doing so, aside from the moral imperative of reconnecting with the world community, in the cause of securing not only our nation but the safety of the world itself, we need to take a stand as a practical political imperative.

Because the fact of the matter is, this administration lied to take the people of the United States into a war with a nation which did not attack us. As a practical matter, that kind of a challenge can rally the American people and shake the moral sensibilities of this country about why we need to take a new course of action. Instead of sending more troops, we should be making plans to bring our troops home, through reconnecting with the world community at the U.N. so we can bring in U.N. peacekeepers.

Instead of looking for ways to get more people into this conflict, we should be finding a way to reconnect with the world community so that eventually the United Nations peacekeepers will be able to create a transition of control over to the Iraqui people themselves. And yet we're at a moment right now where given the policies of this administration and the relative silence of some of our Democratic Party leaders if not a tacit agreement with the Administration on Iraq, we are headed towards a long term occupation, with its increases in casualties on both sides.

And so I am going to be campaigning throughout Pennsylvania this weekend, talking about the need for a new direction and talking about how across the country there's this growing awareness of the insufficiency of the policies that have kept us in Iraq and the need for a totally new approach. This then is a pivotal moment in the history of this country where we have to continue to stand up and speak out, challenge the direction, challenge our party to a higher level of accountability, to really give the American people a choice.

So thank you so much for allowing us to be able to do that. I am going to continue to be the voice of those who have long sought a peaceful resolution of conflicts, not only in Iraq but with respect to other nations as well. I intend to continue to be someone who you can count on to stand up and to challenge the prevailing notions that war is inevitable.

This is the moment that our hearts need to speak out. So thank you, please continue your support of our efforts. Talk to your friends and urge them to contribute to this campaign ( . We need your help to keep moving forward.

You'll be hearing from me much more often as we move towards the completion of the primary and caucus schedule. I'll be giving you regular updates and I'll ask that you please stay tuned to these messages.

So thanks again, and let's keep it going. Bye.

Dennis Kucinich

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