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Cogitations from the Home Front

Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

March 29, 2009

Cars, Whores, & Hypocrisy

SARASOTA, FL - Florida's senior retirees who live on fixed incomes have been hit hard by the shenanigans of bankers, corporate executives, and stock brokers.

The more blatantly lawless also prefer our semi-tropical climate combined with easy pickings presented by a population experiencing varying degrees of dementia.

John Dewey was largely responsible for dumbing down American education as factories and assembly lines of new industries required compliant and obedient workers. Extended families and communities were fragmented for the purpose of duplicating consumer goods. Separate dwelling units require individual stoves, refrigerators, washers, etc. Communal transportation was sabotaged on behalf of the auto and oil industries.

We in America were all drugged when our government opted to transfer its Constitutional responsibility for our country's currency to private bankers who, in return, offered Congress unlimited credit for domestic re-election "pork" and for militarism that supports multi-national corporations.

The bankers' profitable interest on these loans (national debt) is guaranteed, extorted from We the People by using State police power to intimidate us into paying an unlawful "tax" on personal incomes. This game must end.

Americans have prostituted themselves to the bankers' self-serving financial charade. We never had the luxury of a financial drug of choice. We were involuntarily drugged as a result of private bankers having been handed total control of our nation's currency, and by a doomed system based on debt rather than on encouraging and rewarding savings and capital accumulation, the prerequisite for a society based on personal independence and Liberty.

Florida is a refuge for formerly secure, proud but poorer middle-class men and women who helped build America's overblown socially-irresponsible corporations. An army of accountants, salesmen, secretaries, managers, and myriad others devoted their lives to largely meaningless activity in exchange for financial security and social respectability. Sucked years ago into the bankers' financial mills, they have been recently spit out. Is this the liberty of which their immigrant ancestors dreamed?

The mystery and sanctity of human life was trivialized by degraded entertainment (compare today's movies and TV to those of only forty years ago). The People's representatives to the federal government (a voluntary association of free and independent states), bribed by corporate lobbyists, switched their allegiance to what is basically an organized crime syndicate in Washington, DC.

Because Florida provides both a playground as well as a home for wealthy individuals, there are many expensive cars on our roads. New Mercedes', BMW's, Audi's and Volvo's are commonplace. Cadillacs are jokingly referred to as "Florida Chevys". Our area reflects the growing economic disparity between our nation's relatively few rich and its many poor.

Driving over Tampa Bay's Sunshine Skyway bridge on a clear day, one can see the skyline of Tampa as well as that of nearer St. Petersburg. Visual clarity and perception have been traditional metaphors for clear thinking and astute mental perception. At times, they merge in this sunny, slower-paced, and sometime recreational environment.

On a clear day you can see forever - in Florida. This was one of the differences I noticed after moving here from "up north". The clarity of the atmosphere permits persons living on Florida's west coast to see space shuttles launched by NASA on Florida's east coast. Another huge difference, of course, is the weather. Winter occasionally launches the adventure of donning a sweater when temperature dips below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being able to see an ascending shuttle reminds one that winds from the east, south, and west sweep across our narrow peninsula from stretches of open water, free from cities. A north wind brings strange items including the seasonal influx of slow-driving and restaurant clogging "snowbirds", our local economy's annual financial fix.

At nearly seventy-six and health-wise having "dodged a few bullets", as they say, I consider every day a gift. A handful of friends brighten my life. Roughly a decade ago my five closest friends, including my only brother, died within the span of a few years. After sequential grievings and following a time of personal isolation and adjustment, I set out to meet new people. Starbucks coffee-shop turned out to be a huge asset in this regard.

Starbucks, with free wi-fi and green tea, has become a part of my life, along with the local YMCA's gym and swimming pool. I love living in Florida. The best things in life, such as our weather, are free. Corporations have yet to figure out how to control them and our government has yet to figure out how to tax them.

Florida has more than its share of beautiful women, tanned and physically fit. One of the regular guys at Starbucks has enjoyed watching their "comings and goings" for the past nine years. He makes a point of seeing what sort of car they drive after leaving the coffee-shop. "In the past nine years, out of the hundreds of beautiful women I have observed, only two have left in 'beaters'. One entered a Kia and the other had a Ford Escort", he comments. Is this because respectable beautiful women work harder and have higher paying jobs?

In winter, watching northern weather on TV provides southern Floridians a perverse and smug form of amusement. Many young couples relocate to Florida only to find that, even in good times, jobs are scarce and wages are impossibly low. In a society where the divorce rate is already higher than fifty percent, it is not unusual for men to return north in search of better jobs. Frequently, their ex-wife or ex-girlfriend opts to remain in Florida, keep her suntan, enjoy the beach, and hope for a new and better relationship.

After spending a few years in south Florida it can be difficult to live happily and permanently in Chicago, for example, unless one loves ice and snow. If one is committed to remaining in Florida, affording decent housing, dining out, and a reliable car often becomes problematical. Even if the sexual revolution had not taken place elsewhere, it would be alive and well today in south Florida. Friday and Saturday nights find up-scale night spots busy, a socially desirable milieu for respectable men and women.

The world's oldest profession thrives in Florida despite the sexual revolution. The majority of young women walking the streets are using illegal drugs. Because their drug of choice is usually crack cocaine, they are often referred to as "crack whores". In addition to living a socially unacceptable lifestyle, they are generally ill, afflicted by drug addiction in addition to diseases common to their particular careers.

Although one hears the term "crack whores", no one uses terms such as "car whores" or "apartment whores". Cops are waging what amounts to little more than an annoying battle against many financially struggling decent young women working, in today's economy, as a "special" masseuse, personal secretary, escort, or home cleaner. Check out Craig's List on-line.

Because this is a subject that few people write about or talk about in public, the costs (in both financial and human terms) continue. The end result of criminalizing consensual commercial sex is to direct a huge amount of money to law enforcement and to the criminal justice system, governmental entities. The game provides incomes and careers in law-enforcement and criminal justice for cops, jailers, bailiffs, judges, lawyers, court personnel, administrators, and probation officers. Women who need medical, psychological, and social attention are alternately marginalized, persecuted, ignored and prosecuted. The "War on Drugs", in general, is government's most profitable charade.

The revolving door character of these charades creates an unending and self-sustaining tax-based cash flow. The street sex-worker is keeping herself afloat financially in an un-hypocritical way. Her presence is an inconvenient reminder to us of contradictions between our society's real sexual economy and its professed morality. Moral hypocrisy provides a rationale for kicking men and women who are drug-addicted, frequently unemployed, and generally less educated, when they are down.

Today's crisis is our opportunity. Let us renounce the bankers' calls to restore their formerly lucrative system. We denounce their con-game based on credit (our own addiction) and its necessarily fiat currency, just as we denounce the hypocrisy that we all see (but ignore) that prevents appropriate treatments for a handful of sick drug addicts.

Addicts can change if they want to badly enough. Unless we change voluntarily, times will change us for the worse. Today we have the choice.

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