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Cogitations from the Home Front

Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

March 21, 2011

Banksters, Chaos, Wars, and TV

Don't you dare to call me anti-Semitic. I am not speaking of immensely talented Ashkenazi-American artists, classical musicians, merchants, writers, scientists, philosophers, or of the many skillfully trained but largely misinformed sales-people and "agents" who distribute complicated financial products.

What I am speaking of is a relatively small number of highly intelligent individuals, Ashkenazi and others, who own and control America's banks, investment banking firms, stock and bond brokerages, and life-insurance companies. These are the purveyors of financial products to an end market of working persons inexperienced in the complexities of investments, money, and banking. Their clever financial products are generally unnecessarily complicated and confusing. Customers can be relatively easily defrauded.

Financial products are increasingly designed to benefit owners and managers of financial corporations. In an ethical society, such products would be "triple-win" contracts valuable to consumers, to those who explain, sell, and deliver them, and to corporations. Potential rewards and temptations in this area are immense. Sociopaths, individuals motivated solely by greed, grasp their opportunity and design products with little regard for benefits to the consumer. Corporations become big winners at public expense.

The wealth of their businesses becomes so great that these financial chieftans, in pursuit of even greater profits, purchase and corrupt representative government in order to establish their own governmental financial system. In America it is the Federal Reserve. They gained unlimited power to create and distribute the nation's currency, sometimes referred to as "fiat currency" because it is not linked to any standard, nor does it reflect national productivity. They then dominate the political process and create wars through bribery of the people's representatives.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.
- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

In America, hopes for a new and revolutionary government "by the people" were based, as Jefferson stated, on an educated and informed citizenry. With control of modern mass media, financial criminals and their bought politicians have triumphed over democratic government.

Corporate financial manipulators are predators who possess a cold intellect. They comprise what can be accurately referred to as a criminal network. As the most dangerous element in modern society, they must be replaced or eliminated.

We are rapidly reaching the historical point of Weimar Germany. The goal of eliminating the Federal Reserve System and of bringing criminals in government to justice for financial fraud and bribery may not be achievable today except by a fascism focused on regaining national pride and striving for social economic order. This may happen, whether or not one approves. It cannot occur, however, without credible and responsible mainline media, especially TV.

Dolts, TV junkies, and those unconcerned by our looming economic disaster are being manipulated to an extent the last century's dictators could only dream of. Unfortunately, those who own and control the US mainline media seem to share some sort of common interest with the criminal financial network.

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