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"Radical measures are called for. The time for talk is over: you can't reason with these people, and I've given up trying. The time for action is now. Not inchoate rage, or violence, but focused anger, aimed with laser-like intensity at the root and source of all our problems the seat of the Empire." -- Justin Raimondo

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Baghdad and Other Wars of 'Liberation'

Are you willing to watch passively as America's Plutocrats launch aggressive wars to further corporate ambitions for commercial globalization?

Our government is TAXING YOU and using the revenues on behalf of international corporations and world banking. THEY LIE TO US. Don't believe their rhetoric. "Weapons of mass distruction", for example, was simply propaganda. The nonsense about "making the world safe for democracy" goes back nearly ninety years to the madness of the First World War.

Young military persons are used, not to protect U.S. citizens, but for CORPORATIONS - ESPECIALLY OIL COMPANIES - AND INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. The horror of 9-11 brought the "chickens home to roost".

Unfortunately, this is what the great experiment in self-government designed by America's founders has become: Corporations now determine foreign policy (as well as domestic economic policy). They make profits arming other countries, then wage war against them, and then "rebuild" them, acquiring cheap labor for "foreign subsidiaries" — and they acquire the natural resources. What a deal!! — paid for by the taxes of patriotic men and women, the blood of their brave children and the blood of created "enemies". TO PROTEST SUCH BRUTAL POLICIES IS NOT UNPATRIOTIC.

After enlisting in 1950 at the age of 17 in the U.S.Naval Air Reserves following the start of the Korean War, I left a family farm to go on to college where I began to learn how our country was founded. The promise of the USA lies in its individual freedoms, made possible by its form of government: a Constitutional Republic and the sovereignty of WE THE PEOPLE. Many of us rose up in horror as precisely this "liberation" policy was implemented against the people of Vietnam. From the onset, although I loved my country, I deplored the violence perpetrated by warmongers in the U.S. GOVERNMENT against people in a small, predominantly rural foreign country. Before it was ended OVER FIFTY THOUSAND young Americans died in the process of slaughtering roughly TWO MILLION people in Vietnam as U.S. planes dropped tons of napalm on the huts of Vietnamese peasants.

I am AGAIN raising my own voice to call for the removal of warmongers promoting similar criminality. These are corporation executives, top bosses of a military-industrial complex that we were warned about in President Eisenhower's famous Farewell Address — powerful corporate-statists. Unaccountable apparatchiki (carbon copies of Robert MacNamara) surrounding the President need to understand that we WILL demand they answer for crimes made against humanity. They have also turned a world that was largely sympathetic to us following September 11th against The United States of America. They are currently 'liberating' Iraq — having brought horrors of modern warfare to its citizens and defenders.

A militarily and economically strong USA should be protecting our nation from foreign aggression. Its young people must not blindly "just follow orders" issued by the rich and powerful clique that has decided to criminally wage aggressive wars to further enrich a corporate and banking plutocracy. Most of our Senators and Representatives have been bought and paid for.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC)
Here is the Neocon Junta's official plan for world domination.

The consequences — Why they must be stopped NOW.

THIS PERPETUAL WAR POLICY IS NOT GOING END UNTIL WE, THE PEOPLE, DEMAND THAT THE KILLING BE STOPPED, AS WE DID ONLY THIRTY YEARS AGO. AGAIN — TAKE OVER STREETS, THE PUBLIC AREAS & THE CAMPUSES — bring back the peace symbol and the folk songs. This is the ONLY EFFECTIVE RECOURSE that FREE PEOPLE have to bi-partisan abuse of political power. It took more than 10 years to stop the insanity of Vietnam. The good news is that you and I now have at our disposal this new medium called the Internet, the power and political repercussions of which are exploding. The wired generation will not need anything close to 10 years to curb domestic fascism and force the Pentagon to recognize We the People.

"Our position is that whoever the candidates are, and whatever the platforms, that we must stay in the streets and stay in active resistance or else there will be no peace."

Dave Dellinger - in the 1960's

JOIN THE PROTESTS. It is AGAIN time to peacefully (but EMPHATICALLY) show war-profiteers, multi-national corporations and macho knee-jerk 'patriots' — Even if you decide to draft us, WE WILL NOT KILL FOR YOU - OR FOR OIL!   This Land is Your Land — This Land is My Land . . .

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