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Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

February 14, 2009

Amendment #10

Amendment #10 is an all but completely forgotten final Amendment in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution of the United States of America. It reads as follows:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This past Wednesday the Oklahoma House Rules Committee unanimously supported House Joint Resolution 1003 which expresses the sovereignty of the State of Oklahoma and clearly calls for an end to unconstitutional federal government mandates.

Representative Charles Key (R-Oklahoma City), the sponsor of that bill, has spearheaded a national movement to put the bankrupt federal government on notice that the separate states are sick and tired of supporting a destructive government in Washington, D.C.

Today, that central government blatantly violates the Constitution that was ratified by representatives of We The People of the then FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES following a bloody war for Liberty and Independence.

The time has come for We The People to rise up against the warmongering, bankrupt, unconstitutional FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON D.C. that focuses, not on behalf of the citizens of our own states, but on behalf of its corporate bedfellows. It accepts the bribes of their lobbyists.

In waging undeclared questionable and tremendously costly wars it costs the blood of sons and daughters of We The People for the purpose of transfering huge amounts of monies into international corporations via military contracts.

It has encouraged corporations and manufacturers to leave our shores, resulting in massive domestic unemployment for the purpose of earning greater profits for owners, managers, and bureaucrats. It has all but totally bankrupted our workers and destroyed capital formation of a middle class domestically.

By means of fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, and exponentially increasing credit required for a disintegrating financial system it has destroyed the basis of a sound economy. It disregards the growing problem of homelessness among our people. It has failed to address the problems of health care. In short, we know that we can do far better ourselves in our own States and communities with our own resources.

Following the example set by those struggling for the FREE STATE OF OKLAHOMA we must call for the establishment of many (separate, but united) FREE INDEPENDENT AND UNITED STATES IN AMERICA.

The American DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF 1776 documented the many sufferings of those on this continent that resulted from a foreign sovereign's abusive government.

Now, in the year 2009, and 233 years from the end of a bloody conflict that freed a majority of those peoples living on this continent from abuses, We The People must insist that we free ourselves and our children from overwhelming abuses and from substantially more abusive taxation levied by a monstrous bankrupt and internationally inhumane few in Washington, D.C.

The Washington, D.C. government has clearly, effectively, and totally demonstrated that it fails to represent the will of We The People of these United States. History students may be interested in discovering that this result was accurately predicted.

We recognize that governments traditionally use fear as a tactic to frighten their peoples in order to control them and to require their support. We do not deny that national defense is a valid and necessary function of our combined wills and resources. The policies and actions of the government in Washington, D.C. have served to increase international tensions rather than decrease them. This increasingly subjects We The People to greater risks of a major attack within our borders. We are aware that governments, when threatened, have been known to use "false-flag" operations strategically for political purposes.

We intend a new birth of Liberty on this continent, brought about by focusing our energies and our resources on behalf of ourselves and our neighbors in the cities and towns of our own States. We refuse to continue being taxed, dictated to, threatened by, and made servants of a huge and inefficient FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON, D.C.

Our demands and actions stem from our natural and inalienable Rights as human beings. We insist that such Rights are independent of creed, color, ancestry, gender, economic position, or previous political party orientation.

Oklahoma now leads the way. We implore you in every State to follow the example set by those struggling for the FREE STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Contact your representatives in your own State's Government and demand that they immediately begin working for the Freedom of your State from a bankrupt, arrogant, and out-of-control FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON, D.C.

I urge all Oklahoma citizens to immediately contact their state representatives in support of final passage for House Joint Resolution 1003. If you live in Oklahoma, contact your State House representatives and senators immediately.

You can find their contact information here:

Action is being taken all over the country. Resistance to this unconstitutional central government's continual intrusion into our lives is exploding. If you are in a state where such a resolution has not been introduced, contact your state legislators today and demand that they stand up for your state's 10th Amendment constitutional sovereignty.

We The People may never have another such opportunity to defend Liberty for ourselves and for our posterity. The time is now. Please pass this message on.

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